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Bootcamps & Coaching

The 4 WISDOMS Leadership strategies reaches out far beyond the understanding of positive psychology.

Nicolas Kimaz provides you with a new radical approach of 25 years experience to awaken the greatness in you.

Learn powerful strategies to discover your passion and purpose and get clarity on your mission so that you can impact positive transformation in yourself and others.

Imagine being able to empower the influence in yourself and others to master the future and achieve the shift in mankind’s belief system for an inspiring world. 

The world is going through a leadership disruption. The world needs empowering leaders - step up and take action now.

Whether you are single or married, when it comes to your personal relationships - do you have a feeling of emptiness? Are you saying to yourself, something has to change? 

Every relationship needs a spiritual healing to unfold.

Couples are radicals in their relationships because they have a mind full of silent strategies, expectations of muted wisdom with anticipations that the partner should sense it all to serve all of his/her needs which results in sadness, heartache, low spirits and depression. 

Relationships are about synchronicity - couples connect through a vibrating frequency of physical and metaphysical, heartbeat & breathing, purpose & tolerance, language & connection, presence & contribution.

Christ-Energy Wisdom is a power waiting to be invited, to activate God’s spirit in you, to harness and access the joy of synchronicity, to eliminate unnecessary suffering, to restore the values of a thriving relationship, to live a life of inspiration, love, success, family, fun, friendship, education, happiness, and wisdom. Step up in faith and enroll now.

Do you have new fears prompting you to question your thoughts and your actions?

Have you reached your limits to hit a ceiling and you are seeking something more in life?

Are you asking yourself why can’t I do better and have more in my business and relationship?

Nicolas Kimaz 4 wisdoms coaching and experience will give you the keys to rejuvenate Mentally, Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically to create an ideal life to live your own dreams on your own terms. 

If you are ready to rejuvenate your life and income to the next level join me together we will develop an individual winning game strategy for you and bring the very best out of you, to drive quality, sustainable results, and to empower your 4 wisdoms so that you can create an extraordinary quality of life. 

Step up and schedule a call to start your rejuvenation!