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Meet Nicolas

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Healing the planet one person at a time.

Nicolas Kimaz is the founder and director of 4 WISDOMS Academy. He can well be referred to as a true walking miracle. It is of little surprise that his passion and mission in life is to bring healing to the planet through Christ-centered Wisdom, one person at a time.

Nicolas is a world traveler who has enjoyed success as a world renown Executive Leadership Strategist, naturopathic doctor, healer, mentor, teacher, entrepreneur, consultant, author, broadcaster, speaker and businessman.

Through a spiritual vision and awakening in 1992, Nicolas decided to forego a life of privilege and prestige as a Hollywood producer/director to live the wisdoms of Jesus Christ.

Nicolas made it a mission to activate people’s inner spirituality connection, discover their passion and purpose, get clarity on their mission, create a clear path ahead, and help them scale their leadership, their relationship, and their life.

Nicolas activates one's personal spiritual energy to heal from the inside out, Body, Mind and Spirit.

In the last two decades, Nicolas has harnessed his gifted energy through the 4 Wisdoms, facilitating healing for over 150,000 clients. His clinics throughout the world have been visited by over 2 million people.

Nicolas is known around the world through the Master Your Future Bootcamps, radio, television broadcasts and newspaper reports for the miraculous healings that have manifested through him. His clientele include celebrities, world leaders, professional athletes and royal families.

A devoted and devout family man, Nicolas has been a husband to his wife Nada for over 24 years and they have three beautiful children.

In his own words…

That fateful night in 1992, 4th of July at 1:10 am I was awakened shortly after falling into a deep slumber by a tapping on my right shoulder. I thought it was someone in the room waking me up. As I opened my eyes, I was startled by a distinct but loving voice saying, “Get up. I have changed your life.” These words were emblazoned on my soul, never to be forgotten.

The voice did not say, “I’m GOING to …” It said, “I HAVE changed your life.” I instinctually knew at that moment that the voice was Jesus Christ and that, in fact, I had experienced a miracle. My life was indeed changed in that moment when I surrendered to the will and guidance of my Lord and Savior.

I felt an immediate energy going through my body, and I recognized immediate joy, happiness, confidence, clarity, focus, purpose and most of all the beginning of physical healing.

I have had health issues throughout my adult life: foggy mind, absentmindedness, perpetual fatigue and lack of energy (abnormal for a man as young as I was), sleep apnea, weight fluctuation, migraine headaches, sinus problems, stomach ulcer, constipation, hemorrhoids, skin irritation and rashes, general allergies, and food intolerances.

For years I relied on the medications with little or no success. I was eventually put on and taken off Cortisone, and even though my allergy subsided, I faced an onslaught of new issues: water retention, bloating, indigestion, weight gain and enlarged breasts. My issues became embarrassing, affecting me psychologically as well as physically.

Within a very short period of time after experiencing my miracle, I started experiencing remarkable improvements in my overall health - I had no more need for any medications. Migraines dissipated, snoring stopped and an increase in energy and vitality were the first signs of a miracle in place. To wake up each morning feeling rested and energized was, to me, the miracle of a lifetime. It allowed me to have a state of being I had never experienced in my life. WOW!

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I love sharing my faith - it is the highlight of my life. It has changed my life and it can change yours too.

I made a commitment to quit Hollywood and devote the rest of my life to serving others by sharing my testimony - the joy and fulfillment I had 24 hours a day and the new knowledge that enabled me to help not only my own family, but the rest of the world reshape their prespectives on life's issues. When you are “ill without illness” traditional medication can’t be prescribed.

I lost 30 pounds, my ulcer was gone, the hemorrhoids disappeared, and I couldn’t believe how well I was able to breath. My sinuses were totally healed - no more embarrassing nasal drip. Hallelujah! I had become such a new man that many people didn’t recognize me.

My passion and purpose in life became to please God in whatever I do and wait for His guidance, to bring my good news to people all over the world and 26 years later it still remains so.

I have been diligently following the guidance of that Voice ever since, first studying naturopathic healing at Clayton College and thereafter doing the Lord’s healing work, subsequently earning world recognition as a naturopath, Christian Personal Coach and Executive Leadership Strategist and most of all in fixing relationships and bringing passion and purpose to couples all over the world.

Most would call it blind faith; I know it’s my salvation.

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